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Mount Clarence Image

Mount Clarence

via Apex Drive, Albany, WA 6330
Mount Clarence provides spectacular views out across the town of Albany and the surrounding bays. Walk along the...More
Emu Point Image

Emu Point

via Cunningham Street, Albany, WA 6330
Emu Point in Albany is the perfect place for families to go swimming and picnicking. It's an ideal spot for...More
Bushfood Factory and Cafe Image

Bushfood Factory and Cafe

233 Piggot Martin Road, Youngs Siding, Albany, WA 6330
This is without doubt one of the most exciting food experiences in Western Australia and will be remembered as an...More
Albany Residency Museum Image

Albany Residency Museum

Residency Drive, Albany, WA 6330
A visit to the Albany Residency Museum will be sure to captivate anyone with an interest in the history of Western...More
Albany Entertainment Centre Image

Albany Entertainment Centre

2 Toll Place, Albany, WA 6330
The Albany Entertainment Centre is a state of the art performing arts and convention centre with a stunning...More
Old Post Office Image

Old Post Office

Stirling Terrace, Albany, WA 6330
The Old Post Office is a distinctive historic building in the centre of Albany. The restored 1869 building has a...More
Padre White Lookout Image

Padre White Lookout

Albany Heritage Park, Apex Drive, Albany, WA 6330
Padre White is a revered character in Albany's history. From 1916 to 1918, he served as an army chaplain with the...More
Desert Mounted Corps Memorial Image

Desert Mounted Corps Memorial

Albany Heritage Park, Apex Drive, Albany, WA 6330
Large gum trees line the Avenue of Honour on Apex Drive - the road to the top of Mount Clarence. At the base of each...More
Avenue of Honour Image

Avenue of Honour

Albany Heritage Park, Apex Drive, Albany, WA 6330
The Albany Avenue of Honour in Apex Drive was planted in 1955 to 1956 and replaced the original avenue planted in...More
Plantagenet Battery Image

Plantagenet Battery

Albany Heritage Park, Forts Road, Albany, WA 6330
Albany was the first defended port in Western Australia. The initial military development consisted of two...More
National Anzac Centre Image

National Anzac Centre

Albany Heritage Park, Forts Road, Albany, WA 6330
In 1914, more than 40,000 Australians and New Zealanders left Albany, bound for the Great War. This is their...More
Mount Adelaide Image

Mount Adelaide

Albany Heritage Park, Forts Road, Albany, WA 6330
Mount Adelaide is the site of the National Anzac Centre and the Princess Royal Fortress Military Museum. The...More
Ataturk Channel and Memorial Image

Ataturk Channel and Memorial

Albany Heritage Park, Forts Road, Albany, WA 6330
In a reciprocal agreement in 1985 the channel leading into Princess Harbour was officially named Ataturk Channel...More
Albany Heritage Park Image

Albany Heritage Park

Forts Road, Albany, WA 6330
Albany Heritage Park is a 260 hectare parkland reserve in the heart of Albany, Western Australia. It surrounds the...More
Discovery Bay Tourism Experience Image

Discovery Bay Tourism Experience

81 Whaling Station Road, Albany, WA 6330
Discovery Bay near Albany is a truly unique attraction, home to Australia's last operating whaling station, a...More
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